You Think You Own Your Business? You don’t

The story: My dad was an entrepreneur and he had a hard time getting funding. He bootstrapped it and refused loans. He went to my uncle for cash to start the business. My uncle turned him down. So he started anyway. First exterior painting. Then interior painting. He was on a roll. Then there was an oops that threw a wrench in the works of everything he was working for. An unplanned occurrence. Something he wanted but didn’t know was in his near future. My mother was pregnant with me. I was an oops. Little did I know this simple, seemingly innocuous fact would be the start of a life in which I impacted 20,000 small business owners just … [Read more...]

Pixlr: Perfect for Image Editing on the Go

Hey there - I figured since it's Monday I'd send you on your way with a resource I absolutely LOVE to use. It's called pixlr and it's a very powerful image editing tool. I sometimes use it when I want to clean up graphics and have a little more creative control than picnik gives me when editing my pictures. For instance, I used pixlr to create the masthead for this blog. My graphic designer Kashif helped with the original image but when I wanted to tweak it a bit I used pixlr and now I'm ecstatic about the final results. Check it out and remember who you heard this from! Your girl, Lisa! P.S. - Add your favorite image editing tool here. … [Read more...]

Anticipation Marketing

I had this thought while surfing Facebook this a.m.: Can you disaster-proof a business in the same way engineers try to protect buildings from natural disasters through thoughtful design? Answer: Yes. Just like we anticipate hurricanes and, to some extent, earthquakes we can also prepare for the worst that could happen to our businesses. Not that we want it that way, but that we can design a business that, to the best of our abilities, is failure-proof and destined for success. Here's a video that illustrates what I mean:   … [Read more...]

In Praise of the Idea Economy

We do not now, nor have we ever, exported anything of worth other than our ideas. What can save the U.S. economy? What has always saved us, what made us . . . our ideas. The concept of freedom of speech, religion and equality for all - American Inventions The Locomotive - American The Telephone - American The Car - American The Television - American The Personal Computer - American Google - American Now all of the creators of these ideas became insanely wealthy. When will we understand, as a nation, we export now and always will export one powerful thing that has fueled our growth since our inception? … [Read more...]

I’ll Pay You NOT to Like Me

This is marketing at its best. Abercrombie and Fitch, the teen retailer with borderline pedophile ads, actually offered to pay Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino NOT to wear their clothing. Reverse Endorsement Let's call this the opposite of what brands have done for sports stars such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning. Yes, A&F is associating itself with a name - by turning it's back on that name The Situation. I love this for so many reasons. Here are two, praising both sides: Pro A&F: Develop your tribe by showing who you don't allow/want in the group. Pro Sitch: Whatever you are be it to the tenth power. … [Read more...]


I need an executor. Not someone to kill me but rather someone to handle the details. I paint the outline and my assistant paints within those lines. Trouble is, I can not for the life of me find someone who is: Consistent Friendly to my contacts Willing to follow instructions Truthful w/High Integrity Fast - in both thoughts, ideas and action Here I am, slowly losing what credibility I have left because I’m not linking up with the right person to compliment my unique skill sets. I want to make meetings, be on time for meetings, follow up on contacts and deliver on promises Unfortunately I can only force myself to concentrate … [Read more...]