You Think You Own Your Business? You don’t

The story: My dad was an entrepreneur and he had a hard time getting funding. He bootstrapped it and refused loans. He went to my uncle for cash to start the business. My uncle turned him down. So he started anyway. First exterior painting. Then interior painting. He was on a roll. Then there was an oops that threw a wrench in the works of everything he was working for. An unplanned occurrence. Something he wanted but didn’t know was in his near future. My mother was pregnant with me. I was an oops. Little did I know this simple, seemingly innocuous fact would be the start of a life in which I impacted 20,000 small business owners just … [Read more...]

Content Marketing Crisis Management: Your Perfect 2-Point Strategy

When you’re hit with negative reviews online, make like this Brazilian soccer player. Opposing fans made a racist gesture and threw a banana at Daniel Alves’s feet. A few things other players have done in similar situations: leave the field in protest (not good) give the item to the referee (okay) shout at the crowd (worst) Instead, Alves picked up the banana, peeled it and ate it before returning to his duties on the field. Perfect response! With that gesture he said, “Call me what you want. I actually was kind of hungry. Thanks!” or “I could not care less you just called me a primordial being.” You can do the exact same thing when … [Read more...]