Memoir Excerpt: Promotion, please.

Real talk: In the not-so-distant past I wanted desperately to be acknowledged for my talents and given the chance to show what I could do, if only someone would "put me in, coach!" Alas I stayed on the sidelines while others, who I mentored or helped, passed me by on the career ladder. I was resentful, angry, disappointed and downright confused. I asked myself, "Can they see me? Don't you see my skills, my talent, my passion?" To this day I'm a bit perplexed but something happened recently that gives it all meaning. Shining the LightDuring prayer I felt in my heart that God wanted all of those things from me.He wants to be promoted … [Read more...]

Miami Christian Business Owners Guide to Hiring

Miami Christian Business Owners: You  need a ‘Joseph.’ You remember him from Bible stories. He was sold into slavery, made an attendant for a big shot in Egypt and did a great job so he was promoted. So Potiphar left everything he had in Joseph’s care; with Joseph in charge, he did not concern himself with anything except the food he ate. Genesis 39:6 Everywhere Joseph went he was always put in charge, without threatening the position of the established leader. Oh, how I would all love to have Joseph on our staff. For me, he’d be my very first hire. Here's the good news, Miami Christian Business Owners: there are Josephs out there, ready and … [Read more...]