Memoir Excerpt: Pay Attention!

Excerpt from my upcoming memoir, "Hood to Highrise: My Journey from stepping on crack vials to strutting on marble tiles." Due February 2015. Unedited. Galley version.  Chapter One: Pay Attention "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Humanitarian and former First Lady Eleanor RooseveltI lied every day I was in elementary school. “Lisa Sparks?” said the nun. “Here,” I responded. Sometimes I even said, “Present.” When really I was anything but. As soon as I walked into the classroom I wanted to escape. My two favorite words were, “Quiet Reading.” That was my chance to be anywhere other than … [Read more...]

Snackable Content

Here's the best way to grab the attention of your audience via content marketing: Provide your target market with quick-to-read articles, news items, and useful tips. These satisfy the needs of your audience to be informed, without taking up tons of time (or appearing to take up tons of time). Snackable content. That’s what they’re calling it these days. And you’d do well to use it, too. What is snackable content? It’s content that’s easy to read, at a glance, and is unintimidating to readers. Key Reasons to give readers snackable content: Make it Quick! Your clients don’t read. They scan. Use sub headlines, headlines and bullet points to … [Read more...]