Content Quick Tip: Put It All Up Front

Be sure to say it up front. Here’s an example of what I mean: The Daily Mail in the UK does this with much success and now I’ve noticed several other media organizations have followed suit and done the same thing. For instance, that crazy #MyNYPD scandal from a few days ago, many of the news outlets that provided commentary for the story interspersed the tweets throughout the articles. You can do that as well. It’s super important to do. Check out the video I recorded on the subject. I know this is a lot of information. That’s why I’ve set up a couple of focused sessions for you to put your content marketing on auto-pilot and to simplify … [Read more...]

Unleash the Power of Gratitude – Today

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How I Leverage Gratitude into Success!

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[Prezo] Put a Ring on It

Here's a presentation I created in November 2010 for the Empowered Woman Success Summit, held at the Miami Science Museum. I presented to a packed house of more than 200 existing and aspiring woman business owners on how to win and keep a dedicated audience who fervently believe in their brand.   … [Read more...]

Anticipation Marketing

I had this thought while surfing Facebook this a.m.: Can you disaster-proof a business in the same way engineers try to protect buildings from natural disasters through thoughtful design? Answer: Yes. Just like we anticipate hurricanes and, to some extent, earthquakes we can also prepare for the worst that could happen to our businesses. Not that we want it that way, but that we can design a business that, to the best of our abilities, is failure-proof and destined for success. Here's a video that illustrates what I mean:   … [Read more...]

I’ll Pay You NOT to Like Me

This is marketing at its best. Abercrombie and Fitch, the teen retailer with borderline pedophile ads, actually offered to pay Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino NOT to wear their clothing. Reverse Endorsement Let's call this the opposite of what brands have done for sports stars such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning. Yes, A&F is associating itself with a name - by turning it's back on that name The Situation. I love this for so many reasons. Here are two, praising both sides: Pro A&F: Develop your tribe by showing who you don't allow/want in the group. Pro Sitch: Whatever you are be it to the tenth power. … [Read more...]

The Soul of Your Business

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Solutions to the Admin Conundrum

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Digital Engagement: Put a Ring on Your Customers!

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