Traumatic Brain Injury – Be Heard Podcast Show – Episode 23

Traumatic brain injury. A week ago today I swerved my bike to avoid toppling over a car. The car’s driver swung out in front of me to get a parking space, it would seem. Only, she didn’t have enough room to pull all the way in. The butt of the car was sticking out. I swerved to avoid hitting the car. I used my hand to tap the back of the lady’s car. I tell myself I did this for several reasons: to let her know I was there or to balance myself. Both reasons are valid. The emotion behind those reasons was anger. What the driver did was dangerous and could have cost me my life, all for the sake of a small sliver of a parking space. Putting my … [Read more...]

Risky Business: Why Overcoming Your Fear Makes You Cash

Sometimes when you’re committed to being heard, it can get ugly...really ugly. If someone is being authentic, sooner or later that person will offend others. It takes heart to tell the truth. For us as biz owners, that risk is sometimes too tough to take. We think it may jeopardize our earning power. The Riches are in the Niches It is just as important to repel as to attract. You can only do that by telling the story of your business and telling it in truth. Here are a few story-starters for you: I started my business to (fill in the blank here). I can make the biggest difference in the world by ___. The people I enjoy working with the … [Read more...]