5 Tips for Successful Outsourcing of Your Office Projects

I'm about to go on stage at a speaking engagement to talk about how small businesses can simplify and streamline marketing. They're announcing my name, talking about my experience and giving a preview of all the cool things I'm going to talk about. Then my phone rings. It's someone I know so I pick up. Here's what he says, "Where are you?" "What do you mean where am I?" I reply as the announcer runs down my educational accomplishments. "I'm at Starbucks waiting for you. It's been 15 minutes since we said we would meet." At that moment I vowed to hire someone to manage my schedule. It has not been easy. I've run into some psycho … [Read more...]

Make Links, Not War

"If you're attacking your market from multiple positions and your competition isn't, you have ALL the advantage." - Jay Abraham via @SavvyBizBuilder and @ShoestringGal by way of Twitter Is marketing war? I hear a lot of things about how we should attack a market and crush the competition. But I really don't want to do that - even if it may be profitable. Perhaps, then, I'm in the wrong business. I like my audience. Scratch that. I LOVE my audience, and have often sacrificed sleep to help them solve problems. Much like I do with my close friends. No diss to Jay. I get his meaning. It's just that words really do matter. Attack, crush, … [Read more...]

Yes, Words Really Do Matter

Do you really want the person filling out your form to "submit"? What does that word mean? It means to surrender, to give in, to stop fighting. Are you in a fight with your web visitors? Is that how we view it? OK, I am being a bit facetious. But think about it. No, really, THINK! Every word on your site, email newsletter, blog, Twitter post, Facebook post has meaning.You have to know what you want the visitor to do and gently or sometimes overtly and strongly move that person towards the desired behavior. I have nothing against the word "submit" per se. Just make sure it's the word that will truly move your audience to action and not … [Read more...]