Memoir Excerpt: Promotion, please.

Real talk: In the not-so-distant past I wanted desperately to be acknowledged for my talents and given the chance to show what I could do, if only someone would "put me in, coach!" Alas I stayed on the sidelines while others, who I mentored or helped, passed me by on the career ladder. I was resentful, angry, disappointed and downright confused. I asked myself, "Can they see me? Don't you see my skills, my talent, my passion?" To this day I'm a bit perplexed but something happened recently that gives it all meaning. Shining the LightDuring prayer I felt in my heart that God wanted all of those things from me.He wants to be promoted … [Read more...]

Create Customers for Life with Personality Marketing

Hey there! I created this for the Women's Success Summit on November 11, 2011 at the Gulfstream Resort's Sport of Kings Hall. What a great group and a fun time. Enjoy the audio or just skip through and check out the slides. Love you! - Lisa … [Read more...]