Consistency, Comfort Zones, and One Buttock! – The Be Heard Show Podcast Episode 28

I hear it all of the time. “Get out of your comfort zone,” they say. “Do something new,” they say. “Your success is just outside of the things you’re already stuck doing,” the gurus holler. This week, I listened. And it was terrifying. I’m not sure how things will turn out. But I do know I’m a better person for the attempt at doing something new and reaching for greater opportunities. One of my favorite people in history, Eleanor Roosevelt, was quoted as saying, “Do something that scares you every day.” I moved from Philadelphia back to Florida. It is scary because I have no idea what is coming next. But I do know that I’m a better … [Read more...]

Turn Your Crisis Into a Catapult – The Be Heard Show Episode 27 This week I want to talk about a crisis mindset. In each crisis there lies an amazing opportunity. There’s a saying, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Charles Duhigg was so enamored with the idea of crisis as a catapult he devoted an entire section of his classic book “The Power of Habit” to the subject. It’s a powerful mindset shift to see things this way. I know for me it’s tough because I see the painful side of crisis, which is uncertainty. With uncertainty comes emotions we like to shy away from such as anger, confusion, and disappointment. These are all connected … [Read more...]

Time to Show Up – The Be Heard Show Podcast Episode 26

Is how you do something just as important as what you do or the results you get? Absolutely. In fact, it may be more important. Bottom line: It's time to show up and to show up in a positive way. One of my favorite hip hop groups, De La Soul, had a perfect lyric to describe the essence of this Mindset Minute, “I always exhale the facts ‘cause I don’t inhale lies.” What we put into ourselves is so much more important than ever before because it dictates how we show up in the world. I am in no way woo-woo but I do know it takes a strong and focused person to stand up against negative inner thoughts. The key is to replace them with … [Read more...]

Living with Loss – The Be Heard Show Podcast – Episode 25

In this special episode, I share details on how to cope with loss, whether it's the loss of a parent, pet, or client. I share five key insights I've used to keep performing at my personal best even when things don't appear to be going my way. Enjoy this episode and stay tuned for more. Until then be sure to Be Heard! … [Read more...]

Traumatic Brain Injury – Be Heard Podcast Show – Episode 23

Traumatic brain injury. A week ago today I swerved my bike to avoid toppling over a car. The car’s driver swung out in front of me to get a parking space, it would seem. Only, she didn’t have enough room to pull all the way in. The butt of the car was sticking out. I swerved to avoid hitting the car. I used my hand to tap the back of the lady’s car. I tell myself I did this for several reasons: to let her know I was there or to balance myself. Both reasons are valid. The emotion behind those reasons was anger. What the driver did was dangerous and could have cost me my life, all for the sake of a small sliver of a parking space. Putting my … [Read more...]

Be Redeemed – The Be Heard Podcast Episode 17

In this episode, I share how to Be Redeemed by taking small steps forward to reach your goals. Sometimes life can put you in a tiny space, a really tiny space. It’s up to you to keep the momentum going by moving forward even if it’s just a micro-movement. Break down those big, insurmountable tasks into the next logical steps. Then take the first of those steps. I also talk about my days as an aspiring salsera in Miami and how I was urged to take tinier steps when dancing. This helped me to have more options when moving on the dance floor. This applies to life also. Always take forward momentum as much as you possibly can. That way you … [Read more...]

Create Coca Cola Consistency in Your Business – Here’s How

One of the best ways to develop your business is to be consistent. We know this, but we don’t always do this. So I’ve figured out a way to make it a bit easier to be consistent in one particular area of your business – marketing.  You’ve noticed brands like Coca-Cola, Home Depot, and Whole Foods have the same look and feel to just about everything they do. What do I mean by look and feel? I’m referring to the colors these brands use, their logo, and the lettering they have on their messaging. For the rest of this post I’ll use the word font instead of ‘lettering’ to refer to a brand’s typeface. Here’s where things get exciting. These … [Read more...]

You Think You Own Your Business? You don’t

The story: My dad was an entrepreneur and he had a hard time getting funding. He bootstrapped it and refused loans. He went to my uncle for cash to start the business. My uncle turned him down. So he started anyway. First exterior painting. Then interior painting. He was on a roll. Then there was an oops that threw a wrench in the works of everything he was working for. An unplanned occurrence. Something he wanted but didn’t know was in his near future. My mother was pregnant with me. I was an oops. Little did I know this simple, seemingly innocuous fact would be the start of a life in which I impacted 20,000 small business owners just … [Read more...]

Media Release: Lisa D. Sparks to Speak at Government Contracting Expo

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING EXPERT LISA D. SPARKS TO SPEAK AT LOCAL WEST PALM BEACH GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING EVENT Small firms get big advantage at once-a-year chance for access to government procurement decision-makers West Palm Beach, FL - Former Constant Contact Regional Development Director Lisa D. Sparks will be presenting an original marketing presentation on email marketing, blog marketing, and social media marketing during the 9th Annual Palm Beach Partners Business MatchMaker Conference and Expo on Friday, September 18 from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. *Small businesses snag lucrative, local government contracts from … [Read more...]

Memoir Excerpt: Gun Culture Perverted

I grew up in two gun cultures: One from my father's days growing up in rural North Carolina and the other on the streets of Philadelphia where I grew up. Both were very different and the distinction may help us as a society come to terms with our second amendment and the recent spate of high profile case of gun violence. Dad's gun culture was one of gun safety, manual rifles and a love of hunting for food and sometimes just for sport. He would often talk of the values hunting taught him: patience, respect for nature, survival, independence. The list stretched out. Bottom line: He loved it with all his soul. And he wanted to share it with … [Read more...]