5 Tips for Successful Outsourcing of Your Office Projects

I'm about to go on stage at a speaking engagement to talk about how small businesses can simplify and streamline marketing. They're announcing my name, talking about my experience and giving a preview of all the cool things I'm going to talk about. Then my phone rings. It's someone I know so I pick up. Here's what he says, "Where are you?" "What do you mean where am I?" I reply as the announcer runs down my educational accomplishments. "I'm at Starbucks waiting for you. It's been 15 minutes since we said we would meet." At that moment I vowed to hire someone to manage my schedule. It has not been easy. I've run into some psycho … [Read more...]


I need an executor. Not someone to kill me but rather someone to handle the details. I paint the outline and my assistant paints within those lines. Trouble is, I can not for the life of me find someone who is: Consistent Friendly to my contacts Willing to follow instructions Truthful w/High Integrity Fast - in both thoughts, ideas and action Here I am, slowly losing what credibility I have left because I’m not linking up with the right person to compliment my unique skill sets. I want to make meetings, be on time for meetings, follow up on contacts and deliver on promises Unfortunately I can only force myself to concentrate … [Read more...]

Solutions to the Admin Conundrum

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