Speak Up and Find Your Content Marketing Voice

I'm from the hood and I don't hide it. There's no shame in it. One of the things I love about growing up where and when I did, is that quality hip-hop reigned the airwaves. Quality  Hip Hop = Embracing who you are. Telling people who you are. And bragging about it. You can borrow this mentality if you want to - it's one of the best ways to market your business. You don't have to be from the 'hood to tell your story. As long as you're authentic and focused directly on your people - you will be absolutely fine. Here's why: When you integrate your story into your marketing, you attract people who are right for your brand. You also repel … [Read more...]

Mind Your Ts and Cues

I may not know everything. But what I do know, I know very well. I've boiled down effective communication into three essential steps. First: Tell the Truth: Be up front about what you can and can't do. Tell who your audience is and who your audience is not.  Give your people a heads-up when changes will effect how you serve them. Get Your Tone Right: Whenever I would step out of line, my sister would tell me, "You betta get your mind right, girl." It's the same thing with the tone of your communications. Even if you're telling the truth, if you say it in a way that's mean, uncaring, or nonchalant, your audience feels that. They won't … [Read more...]

Content Quick Tip: Put It All Up Front

Be sure to say it up front. Here’s an example of what I mean: The Daily Mail in the UK does this with much success and now I’ve noticed several other media organizations have followed suit and done the same thing. For instance, that crazy #MyNYPD scandal from a few days ago, many of the news outlets that provided commentary for the story interspersed the tweets throughout the articles. You can do that as well. It’s super important to do. Check out the video I recorded on the subject. I know this is a lot of information. That’s why I’ve set up a couple of focused sessions for you to put your content marketing on auto-pilot and to simplify … [Read more...]

Content Marketing Crisis Management: Your Perfect 2-Point Strategy

When you’re hit with negative reviews online, make like this Brazilian soccer player. Opposing fans made a racist gesture and threw a banana at Daniel Alves’s feet. A few things other players have done in similar situations: leave the field in protest (not good) give the item to the referee (okay) shout at the crowd (worst) Instead, Alves picked up the banana, peeled it and ate it before returning to his duties on the field. Perfect response! With that gesture he said, “Call me what you want. I actually was kind of hungry. Thanks!” or “I could not care less you just called me a primordial being.” You can do the exact same thing when … [Read more...]

Google Content Miami: Secrets of Google Seduction

Google Content Miami - Secrets to Google Seduction 8 Surefire Pick-up Lines to Get to the Top of Google’s Search Results for Your Desired Keywords via Content Marketing Lisa Sparks' Bio Lisa Sparks is a marketing expert with 13 years of experience developing and implementing marketing communications solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Lisa uses her expertise to teach small organizations in South Florida how to use technology to maximize the power of relationship marketing. She is experienced in providing guidance, instruction, and comprehensive planning advice for the development, growth, and expansion of new and existing … [Read more...]

Snackable Content

Here's the best way to grab the attention of your audience via content marketing: Provide your target market with quick-to-read articles, news items, and useful tips. These satisfy the needs of your audience to be informed, without taking up tons of time (or appearing to take up tons of time). Snackable content. That’s what they’re calling it these days. And you’d do well to use it, too. What is snackable content? It’s content that’s easy to read, at a glance, and is unintimidating to readers. Key Reasons to give readers snackable content: Make it Quick! Your clients don’t read. They scan. Use sub headlines, headlines and bullet points to … [Read more...]