Risky Business: Why Overcoming Your Fear Makes You Cash

Sometimes when you’re committed to being heard, it can get ugly...really ugly. If someone is being authentic, sooner or later that person will offend others. It takes heart to tell the truth. For us as biz owners, that risk is sometimes too tough to take. We think it may jeopardize our earning power. The Riches are in the Niches It is just as important to repel as to attract. You can only do that by telling the story of your business and telling it in truth. Here are a few story-starters for you: I started my business to (fill in the blank here). I can make the biggest difference in the world by ___. The people I enjoy working with the … [Read more...]

Unleash the Power of Gratitude – Today

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[Prezo] Put a Ring on It

Here's a presentation I created in November 2010 for the Empowered Woman Success Summit, held at the Miami Science Museum. I presented to a packed house of more than 200 existing and aspiring woman business owners on how to win and keep a dedicated audience who fervently believe in their brand.   … [Read more...]

Anticipation Marketing

I had this thought while surfing Facebook this a.m.: Can you disaster-proof a business in the same way engineers try to protect buildings from natural disasters through thoughtful design? Answer: Yes. Just like we anticipate hurricanes and, to some extent, earthquakes we can also prepare for the worst that could happen to our businesses. Not that we want it that way, but that we can design a business that, to the best of our abilities, is failure-proof and destined for success. Here's a video that illustrates what I mean:   … [Read more...]

In Praise of the Idea Economy

We do not now, nor have we ever, exported anything of worth other than our ideas. What can save the U.S. economy? What has always saved us, what made us . . . our ideas. The concept of freedom of speech, religion and equality for all - American Inventions The Locomotive - American The Telephone - American The Car - American The Television - American The Personal Computer - American Google - American Now all of the creators of these ideas became insanely wealthy. When will we understand, as a nation, we export now and always will export one powerful thing that has fueled our growth since our inception? … [Read more...]