Be Redeemed – The Be Heard Podcast Episode 17

In this episode, I share how to Be Redeemed by taking small steps forward to reach your goals. Sometimes life can put you in a tiny space, a really tiny space. It’s up to you to keep the momentum going by moving forward even if it’s just a micro-movement. Break down those big, insurmountable tasks into the next logical steps. Then take the first of those steps. I also talk about my days as an aspiring salsera in Miami and how I was urged to take tinier steps when dancing. This helped me to have more options when moving on the dance floor. This applies to life also. Always take forward momentum as much as you possibly can. That way you … [Read more...]

Summer Book Bonus: The Be Heard Show Episode 15

For this week's Mindset Minute, it's all about books. I'm calling this episode the "Summer Book Bonus!" I'm absolutely in love with them and summer is the perfect time to indulge and get my fill of the books I've been meaning to consume. I give myself to books and it's one of the most healing activities in my life. I get lost in them, especially fiction. When I come across a good story, I'm so grateful to the author for taking me to a place other than where I am right now. It's a mini-vacation in and of itself. Which books are you reading this summer? I'm reading a few mainstays and I'm returning to books I've read in the past but it's … [Read more...]

Bonus Mindset Minute: The Be Heard Show Episode 14

I just couldn't stay away for very long. I love sharing what I know with you. Here's a Bonus Mindset Minute. I just had an amazing encounter at a cafe here in Philly and I wanted you to know all about it. Tune in to find out how I used the power of mindset to land new leads for my business - and how you can do the same thing! Note: I'll be checking in about once a week during the hiatus with these short, sweet messages. As always they'll be packed with value and lot  lots of cool, curious content for you. It will be a potpourri until we return to our schedule of full shows in September. So no transcript of these gems. These are just my … [Read more...]

Season One Finale: The Be Heard Show Episode 13

It’s the Season One Finale of the Be Heard Show. I am so excited. When I first set out on this journey I was extremely nervous. But I didn’t let that stop me from going through the inevitable challenges one faces when setting up and starting a podcast. If you’re a long-time listener, you remember the technical challenges I had with launching the show along with some audio issues I still struggle with. What I’ve learned with the podcasting community on Facebook is that those issues never really go away, it’s an ongoing battle and I just need to fight the good fight! Some of the people who have inspired me are John Lee Dumas of the … [Read more...]

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable: Episode 12 Be Heard Podcast

Not every day is easy. Not every task ignites fire inside of us. But when we press on, we can do amazing things. This week I’ve learned it’s important to work for the work’s sake, because it’s beautiful, because it’s fun, because we feel fulfilled when we work at what we love. Becoming comfortable being uncomfortable, using swipe files, setting strong boundaries and going beyond podcasts all on episode 12 of the Be Heard Show. Here we go!   Mindset Minute: Comfortable Being Uncomfortable It’s important to have the right mindset when entering into anything. I know for me one of the most difficult things to do is to be comfortable in … [Read more...]

Jesus CEO: Be Heard Show Episode 11

Summer is finally here and with it come unconscionably high temperatures, kids playing in backyards, and parents rushing to get home on the trolley to sit at home under all of that bought air. I feel season one of the Be Heard Show is a love letter to the city of my birth. Though it really is for everyone and the concepts are universal, this show is Philly-inspired 100 percent. Now we’ve got high impact moments of silence, two powerful tools to close sales, and a review of one of the best books I’ve ever read called Jesus CEO all on today’s episode of the Be Heard Show. Let’s do this. Summertime!   Mindset Minute: Be Still Your … [Read more...]

Blue Ocean Strategy: Episode 10 Be Heard Podcast

I’m recording this show at night and what a peaceful night it is. No one is screaming up the street to the neighbors. The trolley drivers aren’t blaring their horns. And no one seems to be screeching their car to a halt in the middle of the street. Side note: My biggest question right now is why someone would double park in next to several empty parking spaces. Philly, I love you anyway! I’m talking about the Blue Ocean Strategy, a unique approach to love in business, the perfect tool for grammar geeks or those looking to pose as one plus doing it scared all on today’s episode of the Be Heard Show. Let’s do this fam! Mindset Minute: An … [Read more...]

Living the War of Art Episode 9 Be Heard Podcast

Philadelphia is my cohost and the sounds you hear in the background are rain, trucks on pothole-ridden roads, and small business owners running after their dreams. On today’s show, I share one of the best books I’ve read on creativity, the creative process, and killing the greatest enemy to doing something worthwhile and that’s Resistance (Through the book, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield). Setting the stage for success, digging in the crates for great resources and the perfect ratio for consuming and producing information all on Episode 9 of the Be Heard Podcast. Let’s do this!   Mindset Minute This week’s Mindset Minute is on … [Read more...]

No BS Social Media Cash Flow: Episode 8 The Be Heard Podcast

Spring is finally fully here and I couldn’t be happier about it. Philly, in all of its grind, is one of the most beautifully flawed cities in the world. I’m proud to be here and to say I was born and raised here. I didn’t know how much of an impact being here would have on me until I got back. A no B.S. guide to getting profits out of social media, making progress and building momentum, plus the best place to keep your million dollar ideas all on this week’s episode of the Be Heard podcast. Let’s do this! Mindset Minute: Do Everything. Then Do Nothing. I have learned there are times when it is very difficult to get results. No matter … [Read more...]

The Fascinating Hogshead: Episode 7 of the Be Heard Podcast

Using fascinating powers for good, leaning into being weak, creating top-notch videos on a tight budget and much more on Episode 7 of the Be Heard Podcast! It’s an amazing spring day here in Philly. It got up to almost 80 degrees for a while. It threatened to thunder like it did yesterday but the heavens held back the fury and let us have a full day dry weather. Business continues to bustle all around me and as I write this the energy of the city’s hardworking people fills my spirit. I wonder if any city has as much hustle as Philadelphia. I hope you feel that energy in today’s podcast. Let’s get started! Mindset Minute: Be Weak This week’s … [Read more...]