Time to Show Up – The Be Heard Show Podcast Episode 26



Is how you do something just as important as what you do or the results you get? Absolutely. In fact, it may be more important. Bottom line: It’s time to show up and to show up in a positive way.

One of my favorite hip hop groups, De La Soul, had a perfect lyric to describe the essence of this Mindset Minute, “I always exhale the facts ‘cause I don’t inhale lies.”

What we put into ourselves is so much more important than ever before because it dictates how we show up in the world. I am in no way woo-woo but I do know it takes a strong and focused person to stand up against negative inner thoughts. The key is to replace them with positive thoughts as much as possible. One inner thought I focus on right now is Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the thoughts I think towards you, thoughts to prosper and give you a future and a hope.”

Sometimes I feel forgotten, looked over, almost annihilated. And this verse helps me tremendously when I’m tempted to show up in the world with sadness, anger, and envy. I tell myself God has not forgotten me, even in the depths of my despair. Repeating, remembering, and holding on to the knowledge that God thinks about me is a huge help. It changes me. I really and truly believe God’s world has the power to change me at my core.

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