Be Your Own PR Dept – Be Heard Podcast Episode 22 with Nicole Vascianna


022-nicole-vascianna-1It was a great pleasure to have Nicole Vascianna of Maternity Village as the first guest for Season 2. She gave phenomenal insights that are simple, actionable, and results-getable! Here’s a quick summary of what we discussed but to get the full scoop you’ll just have to tune into the podcast episode.


Nicole Vascianna Takeaways

Strategic partnerships

Social media to position as an expert


Educating the community


Why she started

  • Family was in the industry (nursing)
  • Her own pregnancy – providing for the child
  • Baptist scholars program (Baptist Health Miami)
  • Nursing was a strategic decision – never let go of the fact I’m passionate about working with women


Best way to be heard in the marketplace

  • Get involved
  • Make yourself visible on the scene in your area, capture it, and share it online
  • Create partnerships and be seen
  • Be your own paparazzi
  • Become your own PR – everything you do you need to be recording it
  • Don’t be afraid to be your own PR and really put your name out there.


Nicole was an excellent guest and we’re so glad to have had her on the show.

Here’s an article from SEO guru Yoast on how to tag images and get seen online.

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