Do It Anyway: The Be Heard Podcast Episode 20


Episode 20 - Do It AnywayThere are few things more intimidating than a blank piece of paper, a blank screen, an empty recording track. Nothing. What do you do, when you don’t know what to do? What do you do when the blank paper mocks you, laughs at you, tells you you’ll never fill it, that your ideas aren’t worth putting onto the page? What then?

You write anyway.

What do you do when you can taste and feel a positive change coming, but all indications on the outside are that people want to stop you? It could be extensive edits to a pristine article. It could be a misunderstanding blown out of proportion. It could be a person caught doing wrong, attacking those who found him out. Whatever it is trying to stop you, create anyway. Do anyway. Be heard anyway.

That’s the only way to get through it. Create your world. Design your future. Make your way through the very people who are standing in your way. They can sense your breakthrough before you can. God is using them as harbingers, as canaries in the mine, as an indicator light that good is coming. A good change is coming. Greater is on the way. Look over their heads. No matter how obstinate or difficult those human obstacles may be, overlook them.

See beyond them to the wonderful world that’s coming. Only then will you be able to forgive in the way you should. Forgive lavishly. Pardon excessively. Disregard slights as much as possible. It’s small stuff trying to keep you earth bound. But baby you were designed for more than this earth. You were designed for great and amazing things. One day and one day soon, you are going to soar so high no one can keep up with you. In that time I challenge you to look back and remember the human obstacles in your way. Remember them? Those people who mocked, laughed, scorned, lied – all because they were afraid of your trajectory? Forgive them now. Enjoy the fruits of your labor later.

About Lisa D. Sparks

Lisa D. Sparks, a well known small business marketing expert, has shared results generating insights to more than 20,000 business owners in the United States. Through live workshops, teleseminars and manuals Lisa consults with national and international companies on starting and sustaining profitable email marketing, social media and blog campaigns. Lisa leverages her expertise to help small business owners unleash their voice through blogs, emails, web content and social media content.

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