Master the Process: The Be Heard Show Podcast Episode 19


Episode 19 - Master the ProcessIt’s tough and you won’t always feel like doing it, but do it anyway.

Create a framework and then move forward from there. One of the toughest things we can do is have an inspiring moment and then get mired in the “how” of it all. Meaning, we wonder which pen to use, which program to open, and which shoe to put on in the morning.
I’ve found it’s much easier to overcome natural objections when I have a plan laid out. I can follow the plan. When inspiration comes, I can just put my inspirations inside of that template and go.

The goal is not to eliminate creativity. It is really to facilitate creativity. Take care of the smaller questions first and the bigger things will have room to live. That’s the key. Take care of the tiny parts of the inspirational process. Don’t let those smaller decisions stop you. Then move forward into bigger and better things. It truly is possible to dominate.

We talk about small wins a lot. I’ve found small wins add up to big wins only when there’s planning involved. Even the planning itself can be small. But celebrate when you plan to do something and then you do it. You may not get to everything in your todo list, but you made the list. You created a template. You set the stage for success. That’s what’s truly important. When you get good at that, really good at dominating yourself, then and only then will you truly excel, thrive, be happy with yourself, and succeed.



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