Summer Book Bonus: The Be Heard Show Episode 15


Summer Book BonusFor this week’s Mindset Minute, it’s all about books. I’m calling this episode the “Summer Book Bonus!” I’m absolutely in love with them and summer is the perfect time to indulge and get my fill of the books I’ve been meaning to consume. I give myself to books and it’s one of the most healing activities in my life. I get lost in them, especially fiction. When I come across a good story, I’m so grateful to the author for taking me to a place other than where I am right now. It’s a mini-vacation in and of itself.

Which books are you reading this summer? I’m reading a few mainstays and I’m returning to books I’ve read in the past but it’s been so long I just had to go back. Re-reading old books is like seeing long-lost friends. If you feel the same, let me know. In this episode, I reveal the two books that are on my bedstand, in my backpack, and in my Kindle wherever I go. Enjoy this episode and until next week be sure to Be Heard!

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