Season One Finale: The Be Heard Show Episode 13


Episode 13 - Season Finale and a Look AheadIt’s the Season One Finale of the Be Heard Show. I am so excited. When I first set out on this journey I was extremely nervous. But I didn’t let that stop me from going through the inevitable challenges one faces when setting up and starting a podcast.

If you’re a long-time listener, you remember the technical challenges I had with launching the show along with some audio issues I still struggle with. What I’ve learned with the podcasting community on Facebook is that those issues never really go away, it’s an ongoing battle and I just need to fight the good fight!

Some of the people who have inspired me are John Lee Dumas of the Entrepreneur on Fire daily podcast, my mother and brothers, and the great community of business people I’ve met throughout my years helping small businesses in Florida. Lewis Howes also helped inspire me through his podcast and his book The School of Greatness. Tomorrow’s my birthday and I just finished making plans to hang out with my cousins and a good friend. There is nothing like community. Nothing like it at all.

I’ve learned to give gifts by being available. I feel good when I give to others. So here’s my gift to you. This is the recap episode for Season One of the Be Heard Show. Where I’ll go over a few of the most popular resources. I’ll be providing you with a love piece at the end of the show so stay tuned for that. Note: For the uninitiated, a love piece is simply a gift made with love. In my context, it has to do with marketing but this love piece really shows how I feel about you from my soul. I’m giving you all I’ve got. Now on to the show!

Mindset Minute

This is one of my favorite segments because it’s all about the way I think about this. This is, to me, the absolute hardest thing to control: thoughts. And to have the right mindset is paramount. A mindset of abundance. A mindset of inclusion. A mindset of acceptance. These are all things I strive to cultivate in myself. I hope it is evident in this podcast.

I sometimes think, “If only I had have just approached that differently back then. Now I know better.” Then I sometimes think it’s no use because I have nowhere to apply what I’ve learned. The key is to change on the inside and the setting will eventually take care of itself. For instance, some might say, “Why have an abundance mindset in a job I can’t escape from?” I say, “The abundance mindset isn’t for the job, it’s for your own wellbeing.” I truly believe we become who we are supposed to be, and then our surroundings change. I’ve learned sometimes our surroundings change for us to come up higher and for us to challenge ourselves to be better. I know that’s what happened and continues to happen with me. I see it happen with other people as well.

So please take this gem with you: the mindset comes first, and then the surroundings change. It seems cruel, hard, and useless at first. But with time and the right approach, I have faith things really do change for the better.

Cool Process: Tomato Timer Wins Out

I love discussing processes and how to actually get things done. During this season I talked about Goal Thermometers, Massive Action Blueprints, and Objections Files. But the one process this season that has helped me the most has been the Tomato Timer. It is, by far, one of the best ways to discipline my actions leading to results. As a reminder, it’s a process created by an Italian computer programmer named Francesco Cirillo. You take 25 minutes to do nothing but work and then five minutes of goof-off time. After doing that for about two hours, you get 20 minutes off instead of just five. I use it for tedious tasks. For the fun stuff, I can plow through work for hours straight with no break. But as we know, life isn’t filled with only the fun things. I even have an app called “Brain Focus” that times the work sprints and my breaks. It’s absolutely awesome!

There you have it. Out of the 12 productivity processes I covered this season, the Tomato Timer is my all-time favorite and produces the most results for my life. Enjoy!

Best Resource: It’s a Tie!

I’ve been told I’m pretty resourceful. One of my favorite things to do is share what I know so other people get great results, too. Out of the 12 resources I shared this season, it’s a tie between Hubspot CRM and Meetings as the most effective tools available right now. The criteria I used for tools on the show was that it has to be low-cost or no cost and that I’ve used it myself in my own business. Aside from that, I wanted to share tools that directly produce revenue for my business and these two definitely fit the bill. For the last three months, I’ve used Hubspot CRM and Meetings for every single deal I’ve closed and it’s been fantastic. Nothing at all is perfect, but I wouldn’t expect  it to be That said, both tools help me to serve my audience, remain professional, and have an amazing time doing it since they’ve both hassle-free. Hubspot helps me keep track of deals and communications with both prospects and customers while Meetings helps me set up what some people term ‘discovery calls.’ I just call them ‘potential client interviews.’ Meetings is a great appointment setting and reminder system. I still highly recommend both tools but I strong runner-up is Canva. Use this simple, online graphic design system and It will change the look and feel of your business for the better for sure.

Book Review of the Week

Twelve books. Twelve different journeys. Reading a business book per week was absolutely amazing. One other thing I loved about it is I got to share one of my true passions with you…reading. I absolutely love to read and to discover new stories, new ideas, and new ways of achieving my goals. I liked all the books but some of them I absolutely loved. At the top of the list is Jesus CEO, which I am re-reading now. But a super-close second is The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. If you’re not reading it right now or if you haven’t already read it, what is going on? Buy the book and then read it immediately. Yes, it really is that good.

Pressfield’s book put a vocabulary around my daily struggle to produce something great and to introduce the world to my inner thoughts in a way that is approachable and understandable. For anyone who has attempted to do this, it is the equivalent of creating a world. Those who do it flirt with delusions of being gods or at the very least creators. That is not something commonplace, nor should it be. But for those of us who do it, we now have an ally to help us on the journey and that ally is Steven Pressfield in the form of his book The War of Art.

Closing out the show: Season One Finale

How bittersweet it is to close out this week’s show! I won’t be talking with you until September when I launch season two under the new format! That’s right, we have a new format for The Be Heard Show. I’ll be interviewing others about how they approach getting heard in the marketplace of ideas. It’s going to be an amazing ride and I have no idea how it’ll turn out, but I’m looking forward to becoming the person I need to be to make it happen.

I truly believe we become new when we take on new challenges. When I was a little girl one of the things we’d say to each other is, “Why she actin’ new all the sudden?” Meaning, why isn’t she speaking to us? Or Why doesn’t she play with us anymore? Or She must think she’s better than us.  Now I see the value, not in acting new but in being new. The only way to be new is to try something new. I’ve learned there’s nothing wrong with that. The people who are supposed to come along for the journey will be there. The people who aren’t supposed to come along won’t. And that’s okay too. It all really is okay.

About season two: I’ll be interviewing others on resources and tools they use to become heard in the marketplace. The show will have many more resources and, of course, it will still have me at the center of it. Sharing advice and info. I’m excited to be part of your journey. Until September be sure to Be Heard!

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