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Episode 12 - Comfortable Being UncomfortableNot every day is easy. Not every task ignites fire inside of us. But when we press on, we can do amazing things. This week I’ve learned it’s important to work for the work’s sake, because it’s beautiful, because it’s fun, because we feel fulfilled when we work at what we love. Becoming comfortable being uncomfortable, using swipe files, setting strong boundaries and going beyond podcasts all on episode 12 of the Be Heard Show. Here we go!


Mindset Minute: Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

It’s important to have the right mindset when entering into anything. I know for me one of the most difficult things to do is to be comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. Usually, I’m uncomfortable learning something new publicly. I used to be a travel writer for Pathfinders magazine. The company sent me on a travel junket to Jamaica. As a part of the itinerary, we were expected to participate in a steel drum jam session. I was chosen as the first to participate. I wasn’t that great. I expected to catch on immediately, set the standard high, and then sit back and watch the other writers try to best my steel drumming skills. I did set a standard but it was a standard of, “I know I can do better than that woman right there.”

I clammed up, I felt eyes on me, and finally, I just handed the sticks over to someone else to finish things off. Nearly everyone after me stuck with it and finished the tune the band had come up with. That taught me a valuable lesson to become comfortable for as long as possible with being uncomfortable. Eventually, it pays off and I’ll at least be able to finish a tune. Melanie Dobson has a story of how her swim coach had her swim across the pool on one breath. She had a very difficult time doing it and eventually asked her coach the purpose of the exercise. “The purpose is to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

I take that as an opportunity to have the right attitude even though I’m not in the best of situations. Control what I can control and that’s it. And that’s this week’s Mindset Minute.

Cool Process: Swipe Files

Here’s a little secret I’ll share with you from my days as a full-time copywriter. Keep a swipe file at all times. What’s that? A swipe file is a place where you keep all of your inspirational materials. If you’re a fan of an article, put it in your swipe file. If you like how a direct mail piece looks, but it in your swipe file. If you enjoy a podcast episode, put it in your swipe file. Why do this? You’ll one day create something of your own and you’ll need a place to draw on specific pieces of inspiration.

Stealing outright is not good at all, but being inspired is a great way to come up with something that’s uniquely you as you create an ebook or an email course or a drip email campaign. You want to add value to the lives of those around it. Yes, it really is that important. The swipe file is the foundation of all of the things you’re creating that have value for your audience. When you show you provide value, when you solve a problem, your audience will love you for life.

Best Resource: BeyondPod

I love having something positive in my ear at all times. But especially when I’m doing laundry or walking the dogs. Listening to podcasts helps me to do that. I’m on ‘droid so I have an array of options for listening to podcasts. My friends in the Apple Universe, stick to iTunes. I get it.

For my listening pleasure, I choose BeyondPod. It’s a nice little app that automatically downloads the latest episodes of my favorite podcasts when I’m on a wifi connection. It also creates special playlists based on my preferences as well. It’s easy to add a podcast because its directory links to all the major podcast directories out there such as Stitcher, SoundCloud, and the aforementioned iTunes. It’s an obscure app. I don’t hear a lot of people talking about it. But for my purposes it is golden. Here’s the link.

Book Review of the Week: Boundaries

This week’s review is on Boundaries: When to Say Yes. When to Say No to Take Control of Your Life by Dr. Henry Cloud. It’s had a great influence on my life and has helped me get out of debt and face up to abusive people. It’s been an amazing guide throughout my life and although it’s been in existence since 1992, the stories are relevant to this day.

I especially love the story Dr. Cloud carries throughout the book about the harried housewife who is like a pack animal, bearing the burdens of her husband, her children, and the family’s social responsibilities. It’s amazing to see the transformation. I also like how Dr. Cloud anticipates the usual questions. What will they do when I say no? Will they not like me? What if I need something from them and they say no to me?

It’s all addressed in the book and I love every minute of it. It’s a fascinating look. It’s set up in three parts where the author defines boundaries, then identifies common boundary conflicts, while wrapping up with identifying how to develop healthy boundaries. It’s a tough read but one that’s great for groups, especially families and organizations such as nonprofits.

One of the challenges I faced was not overdoing boundaries. But I can truly say the people I have set healthy boundaries with are still in my life to this day. It is an ongoing process. If I don’t enforce boundaries, others won’t take them seriously and I have to do the work of establishing and honoring my boundaries over again. This can be a tough process, but it is a rewarding one for sure.

By all means, read this book. It’s a great guide to producing powerful results. Note: It’s good for those doing one-on-one client work or for those who manage teams. But even a team of one can thrive with boundaries. In fact, the boundaries cannot be enforced with other people until we enforce them inside ourselves. With healthy boundaries, anything is possible.

Closing out the show

Next week I’ll be doing a “best of” show to wrap up season one of the Be Heard show. During the summer I’ll be interviewing my buddies and learning from others what they’re doing to be heard in the marketplace. I’ll get slightly sentimental during that show, but I will say now this is an amazing opportunity for me and one I committed to for the benefit of myself and others. Go ahead and re-listen to the show. Get cool insights. And let me know your thoughts. Until next week be sure to Be Heard!

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