Create Coca Cola Consistency in Your Business – Here’s How

Create Coca Cola Consistency LI ImageOne of the best ways to develop your business is to be consistent. We know this, but we don’t always do this. So I’ve figured out a way to make it a bit easier to be consistent in one particular area of your business – marketing.  You’ve noticed brands like Coca-Cola, Home Depot, and Whole Foods have the same look and feel to just about everything they do. What do I mean by look and feel? I’m referring to the colors these brands use, their logo, and the lettering they have on their messaging. For the rest of this post I’ll use the word font instead of ‘lettering’ to refer to a brand’s typeface.

Here’s where things get exciting. These brands don’t do this just because it’s something everyone else does. They do it because it adds directly to their bottom line. Yes. A font adds money to a company. It’s a subtle way of showing the brand as being dependable. If the font is different one day, then maybe the taste of the Coca-Cola will be different too. Think that’s a stretch? Don’t.

Remember the New Coke debacle. Coca-Cola still has not recovered from that bit of mayhem. It was one of the worst mistakes a major brand has ever made and it is still dissected, discussed, and used as a cautionary tale in many marketing circles. We just need some things to be the same. That is all. Coca-Cola eventually righted its wrongs but there’s a golden lesson in this for you. When you are consistent, you have the opportunity to create something iconic that people can trust. And we’re confident that trust is the final element in the Know, Like, and Trust triangle of sales/why people buy.

Let’s break this down for your business. It’s straightforward really. Determine your sense of style. Steal from what you see around you – especially from the big brands. And record what you will do whenever your brand speaks to your audience.


Determine your sense of style

Steal from what you see around you – especially the big brands

Record your sense of style

Important Notice: You can change. You should change. It’s fun to change. Just do it the right way.

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