Risky Business: Why Overcoming Your Fear Makes You Cash

at_signSometimes when you’re committed to being heard, it can get ugly…really ugly. If someone is being authentic, sooner or later that person will offend others. It takes heart to tell the truth. For us as biz owners, that risk is sometimes too tough to take. We think it may jeopardize our earning power.

The Riches are in the Niches

It is just as important to repel as to attract. You can only do that by telling the story of your business and telling it in truth. Here are a few story-starters for you:

I started my business to (fill in the blank here).

I can make the biggest difference in the world by ___.

The people I enjoy working with the most have this quality ____, they listen to this music, and they come from this region ___.

Why get so specific? Even if you never share this with your audience, just getting closer to the why or your business will be obvious to everyone who comes in contact with you, your products, your services, and everything else about your business – including your newsletter. You do have a newsletter don’t you? And yes, that last question was designed to make you feel super-guilty. That newsletter you’ve been postponing, your list of customers are waiting for you to reach out to them.

Quick story:

When I was a Certified Business Analyst for the Small Business Development Center, I counseled a budding business owner to email her list of existing clients, just to say hello and to let them know she had product available. She sold a special tea that is concentrated. The customer would only buy it about once a year, or so. She thought she could never get sales from sending out a newsletter regularly because there could be such an extended time between purchases for one customer. She trusted me. I worked with her to craft the message and the design of the newsletter.

After 15 minutes she got her first email. It said

I’m so glad you emailed me. I lost your info and I’ve been wanted to order

Within an hour she got this email

Now I can give my brother some of this. I’ve been telling him about it but I didn’t want to search to find your site.

She made more sales in two days than she had all year – all from one email newsletter – all from taking a risk and communicating with the people who desperately wanted to hear from her.

What are you holding back?

When will you be willing to take the risk?

About Lisa D. Sparks

Lisa D. Sparks, a well known small business marketing expert, has shared results generating insights to more than 20,000 business owners in the United States. Through live workshops, teleseminars and manuals Lisa consults with national and international companies on starting and sustaining profitable email marketing, social media and blog campaigns. Lisa leverages her expertise to help small business owners unleash their voice through blogs, emails, web content and social media content.

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