Miami Christian Business Owners Guide to Hiring

Miami Christian Business OwnersMiami Christian Business Owners: You  need a ‘Joseph.’ You remember him from Bible stories. He was sold into slavery, made an attendant for a big shot in Egypt and did a great job so he was promoted.

So Potiphar left everything he had in Joseph’s care; with Joseph in charge, he did not concern himself with anything except the food he ate.
Genesis 39:6

Everywhere Joseph went he was always put in charge, without threatening the position of the established leader. Oh, how I would all love to have Joseph on our staff. For me, he’d be my very first hire.

Here’s the good news, Miami Christian Business Owners: there are Josephs out there, ready and willing to do an amazing job for your company. Here’s how to spot and nurture one:

1. The Newbie: Spot someone who is looking for a chance, has a keen eye, and integrity. I usually find these characters in colleges/universities and sometimes even high schools.

Benefit: They’re eager to learn and they’re fresh minds you can influence to do a good job and do it well. Younger workers also bring their fluidity in all things digital. This speeds up your firm’s adoption of new technology. Nice!

Down side: Youngsters can sometimes get flustered when they’re not successful immediately. They require a bit of hand-holding; ok, a lot of hand-holding. If you have the time to do that, great! If not, you may have to look at someone more experience, such as:

2. The SAHM: Stay at Home Moms are some of the best workers out there today. Make no mistake my Miami Christian Business Owners, their ranks are growing, and with good reason. They have free time when their children are in school and they’ve done all of their household chores. It also gives them a chance to use their gray matter in the same manner they did when in school.

Benefits: Usually fast, efficient, and take charge; in the same manner she would with her family. Great qualities for a bookkeeper, payroll specialist, copyeditor, researcher or maybe even a writer.

Downfalls: They have limited time. If their kids are too young for school they may have constant interruptions. They’ll get the work done, it just might be at 2 a.m. If a child falls sick (which can happen often, as we know) or a family crisis erupts, you can bet the project for your firm takes a back seat. Granted, this can happen with anyone, but the probability of it happening to a SAHM is much higher. Also, she has a higher chance of burning out than someone who is unattached. She believes she is super-woman and can do it all, and she can; but only for a short period of time. When things fall out of sync, it is not pretty. But, there are some situations that aren’t so bad. Take this one for example:

3. The “Take Charge” Man or Woman: You’d usually use a Type-A personality in coordinating projects and light customer interactions.

Benefit: They take a lot off your shoulders in terms of nurturing existing clients. You get the chance to go out and find more!

The Down side: Ego rears its ugly head quickly. This is where you really need someone who has the ‘Joseph’ vibe going on; otherwise the relationship will be short and not-so-sweet.

Miami Christian Business Owners: Here are a few ways to imbue these characters with a few of Joseph’s qualities:

Lay out exactly what you expect from the person

Put it in a spreadsheet as a task list and give it to him/her at the outset of the working relationship. This heads off 80 percent of problems you may face. I like to use for my spreadsheets. There’s a learning curve but the time you spend learning is a small amount compared to the time you’ll save. Awesome tool.

Side note: Have you potential ‘Joseph’ sign the expectations sheet. Two of my favorite online tools for these kinds of things are and (This works for client contracts, too. Just sayin’!)

30-Minute Meeting by Skype or Phone

I like to spend the first five minutes on small talk (How are your kids? How are classes? How are you getting along? I’m fine. Business is growing. Glad you’re on the team. – and the like.) This heads off challenges before they bubble into full-on problems. Miami Christian Business Owners, keep this one thing in mind: Encourage weekly wrap-up documents for each week.

This helps in many ways such as:

  1. making the worker accountable,
  2. proving work has been done for the client, and
  3. gauging his or her continued interest in the role.
I even have a template for the Weekly Report. Here’s how it looks:

Date: Monday, 3rd of February 2014
Time: 10 a.m. EST
Name: Mona Sahm
Position: Executive Assistant

Client: Perfect Customer, LLC

Progress: Updated client on progress of newsletter. Requested new copy for next month. Scheduled your meetings while you’re in Las Vegas. Prepped for client meeting in April.

Concerns: I’m getting overloaded with the calendar work. Any way to streamline this?

Wins: I was able to master the spreadsheet and speed up the on-boarding process.

Lessons: I’ve noticed clients often request summaries post-project. We may want to do this beforehand to head off any challenges.

It’s a work in progress, as with all things my Miami Christian Business Owners, but sometimes Josephs are born and sometimes they are made. Here I shared a combination of both. Let me know how it goes! I’m here if you have questions. Best! – Lisa

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