Go Deaf – Go Up!

Image courtesy of CMMooney via flickr

Sometimes you just have to go deaf. Take the tree frog for instance. I got one of those chain emails the other day and for some reason I actually read it because it was so intriguing. Tree frogs were having a race to the top of a tree. Two-by-two they raced and none of them ever reached the top. Until the final two. One frog just kept going and going until he reached the top.

Why did that one frog win while all the others failed? It was deaf. During the races the frogs at the base of the trees were shouting insults and telling the racers they couldn’t make it. The deaf frog didn’t hear the negative so it just kept on climbing.

I imagine all the frogs had the ability to get to the top but only one heard his own voice, a positive voice, telling him he could make it. Takeaway:

1 – Getting feedback is nice, but sometimes you have to become deaf to the “feedback” of others and trust yourself.

2 – What are you saying to yourself while you’re shutting everyone else out. Is it positive?  Encouraging? Strong? If not, change what you’re saying to yourself. One of the best ways to do that is to change what you read, watch and listen to. Go on a “negativity fast” until every mention of “can’t” “won’t” “never” are eliminated from your sources of influence.

3 – Take a step back. If you need to pause for a moment, do so. But get back on track. Continue to do the things you love. I’ve learned many of the negative words clothed in “feedback” are actually designed to stop your progress. Be sure to get back up after you’ve tended to your wounds.

Bonus: Who is giving you the feedback?  Consider the source and ignore comments from the ones who are threatened by you, are catty or who just don’t have the same vision you do for progress and moving forward.

One more: If others don’t understand you, that may be a good thing. Think of all the other misunderstood ones: Einstein, FDR, Marie Curie . . . Albert Schweitzer. The list is a mile long. Follow your passion and live what you believe.

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